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Sharing and Caring

Work in progress..

Alyssa's Breath...New challenges...striving to bring awareness and education.    Thanks for your patience.
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Brain injury can be prevented!!! Each year 140,000 persons die from brain injuries and 70,000 persons sustain severe head injuries. There are many ways to prevent brain injuries and common sense steps must be taken to protect our families. Always wear a seat belt and make sure baby is in a child safety seat or…
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The non-profit organization Alyssa's Breath, TBI survivors, their family and friends and other supporters have joined the ranks of National, State and local community organizations to remain educated on "how to" increase awareness of TBI. We at Alyssa's Breath have researched TBI websites for years and spoken to many physicians and professionals. We've tried to…
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About Us…

Alyssa's Breath is a 501c3 non-profit public charity. Our mission is to increase public and professional awareness and understanding of brain injury and methods of prevention. We will accomplish this by educating our community, sharing research and information regarding new technologies and by raising funds to help brain injured individuals and their families.
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